Q?What is a Drainage District
A Drainage District is a small unit of local government formed by landowners. This special district may be formed to construct, maintain, or repair drains or levees or to engage in other drainage or levee wok for agricultural, sanitary, or mining purposes. Drainage Districts are created by petition or referendum and court approved. Each district is governed by three drainage commissioners.
Q?Who can serve as a Drainage District Commissioner and how are they selected
Any adult who resides in Illinois and owns land within the Drainage District’s boundaries may serve as a Drainage Commissioner. Drainage Commissioners are either appointed by the county board or elected. The method of selection is determined at the time the district was established. The Illinois Drainage Code does have a procedure for district to switch from appointment to election and vice versa.
Q?How are Drainage Districts funded

Drainage District is funded by assessments. Each benefited landowner in a district is assessed a fee for the maintenance and upkeep of the district. Each Drainage District’s Assessment Role is approved by the Courts.

Q?How can I find information about a Drainage District?

Each Drainage District information is available on the county level. If the District Commissioners are appointed the district’s information is at the County Clerk Office. If the District Commissioners are elected the district’s information is at the Circuit Clerk Office. Caution: Drainage District’s boundaries do not stop at county lines and may exist in one or more counties. The Illinois Drainage Code only requires the Drainage District to report in one county. The IADD State Office does not retain the maps of the districts.