IADD supports and strives to maintain the integrity of Illinois Drainage Districts.

As one of the smallest forms of government, drainage districts have organized local groups of landowners;

successfully draining small watersheds over the years to harmonize with Mother Nature

The IADD was formed in 1995 after the Illinois General Assembly attempted to remove some drainage-related decisions from local districts. While the measure failed in the veto session, the action proved a wake-up call for drainage district members. Original organizers of IADD saw the need to provide support for and to maintain the integrity of Illinois Drainage Districts. The IADD prides itself in being a volunteer organization whose success revolves around honest, sincere, practical people dedicated to the promotion and protection of drainage in Illinois. The Association is governed by a board of nine directors, from across the state of Illinois, who also serve as their local district’s drainage commissioners.

IADD Board of Directors


Ronald Arends, President
Melvin, IL
P: 217-388-2293


Harry Mogged, Director
Onarga, IL
P: 815-265-4603
Earl “John” Coers, VP
Deer Grove, IL
P: 815-438-4272


Don Duvall, Director
Carmi, IL
P: 618-968-2419
Steve Degler, Treasurer
Mattoon, IL
P: 217-234-7552


William Spencer, Director
Gays, IL
P: 217-752-6832
Roger Steimel, Secretary
DeKalb, IL
P: 815-756-5092


Russell Buhr, Director
Gifford, IL
P: 217-694-4451
Victor Knight, Director
McLeansboro, IL
P: 618-773-4522


IADD State Office  **WE HAVE MOVED!**
Sara Smith, Executive Director
PO Box 213
Forsyth, IL  62535
Tel: 217-763-6300      Fax: 866-860-7168