January 18th & 19th

DoubleTree Hotel, 10 Brickyard Drive, Bloomington, IL


Thursday, January 18th

12:00pm  Registration & Trade Show Open

1:00pm    Evaluating Agricultural Production Systems that Decrease Tile Nitrate Loads  –   Lowell Gentry, a Principal Research Specialist in Agriculture with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will present his research on evaluating the timing of fertilizer application, cover crop applications and the use of bioreactors for removal of tile nitrates.

2:00pm    Water Quality Benefits of Conservation Practices - Dr. Karl Williard of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale will discuss some of the drivers of the interest in water quality, cover crops and saturated buffers.

2:45pm   Break

3:15pm   Regulatory Panel  –  Representatives from regulatory agencies such as the US Army Corps of Engineers, IDNR and NRCS will discuss how their regulations apply to drainage districts.  Then we will provide several situations and each agency will discuss what interest their agency would have in that situation.

4:15pm   The Regulatory Attack on American Agriculture Production - Attorney Gary Baise will cover forces in our society wanting to destroy existing agriculture production methods and how these forces use the EPA, Department of Interior and OSHA to strangle our crop production techniques and tools.

Friday, January 19th

7:00am    Registration, Breakfast & Tradeshow Open

8:00am    IADD Annual Business Meeting & Legislative Report  –  Make sure to attend this important session to provide your input and learn the latest legislation that could effect your district!

9:15am    Option A:  Designing Low Maintenance and Two Stage Channels  – Learn how modern design methods can be used to significantly reduce the amount of maintenance that your drainage ditch will need for silt/sediment removal.  Presented by Don Wauthier, Engineer with Berns, Clancy and Associates.

9:15am    Option B:  I’m a Drainage Commissioner…Now What?  –  Intended for newer drainage commissioners, this session will offer a panel of experienced drainage commissioners answering questions. 

10:00am Break

10:15am  Option A:  Comprehensive Watershed Drainage and Working With Neighbors  –  DIGS Associates will discuss how to incorporate a comprehensive watershed drainage plan.  The discussion will focus on the benefits of the watershed approach compared to current practices.  DIGS Associates will also share their experiences, as well as tips and suggestions, for working with neighbors, absentee landowners, and other interested parties, when putting together a drainage plan and project.

10:15am  Option B:  Managing Tile Drainage for Tomorrow’s Agriculture  –  Dr. Jane Frankenberger, Professor at Purdue University will discuss the importance of managing tile drains.

11:00am  Break

11:15am   Option A:  Pollinator and Beneficial Insect Habitat in Agricultural Landscapes  –  Suitable habitat for pollinators and beneficial insects boosts ecological functions and services within agricultural landscapes.  Jennifer Anderson-Cruz, State Biologist with NRCS will discuss the importance of restoring and managing habitat, including the effects of habitat size, plant diversity and selection, planting methods, and habitat management on pollinators and beneficial insects..

11:15am   Option B:  Discussion Panel:  Maintaining Drainage Ditches Under Railroads  –  Jerry Niemann, an Attorney with Martensen, Niemann & Sorensen will lead a discussion on the ins and outs of dealing with a drainage ditch that runs underneath a railroad.

12:00pm  Luncheon

1:00pm     Keynote Speaker – Gary Baise

1:30pm     Attorney & Engineer Panel  –  Leading Illinois Drainage Attorneys and Engineers will answer your questions.  It is a GREAT time to get solid, FREE advice for drainage problems.

2:30pm     Break

2:45pm    Option A:  Ag Technology:  Don’t Let Your Plans Go Down the Drain  –  Luke Zwilling, a Senior Agricultural Engineer with Agrible, will discuss how the technology built into Morning Farm Report helps with planning everything from nutrient management to fieldwork timing, all at a field-level.

2:45pm    Option B:  Emiquon – Then, Now and the Future  –  Hear how a levee helped eliminate and then restore and sustain an internationally important wetland along the Illinois River near Havana, Illinois.  Presented by Keith Plavec of Maurer-Stutz and Dough Blodgett from the Nature Conservancy.

3:15pm     Break

3:30pm    Option A:  Reduce Sediment in Your Ditch  –  Two demonstrations will be given to show you why sediment is increasing in your ditch and how you can prevent it.

3:30pm    Option B:  Open Meetings Act Training  –  Sara Smith, IADD Executive Director, will provide this required training for Drainage District Commissioners.

4:00pm    Adjourn

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