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Thank you to the Pike-Scott County Farm Bureau for keeping everyone up to date on the 2013 Flood.  There is a request for Volunteers for Sandbagging.

DAY 7—4/24/2013
Today, we mark the end of the first week of the 2013 flood. Levees and levee workers and everyone else working to keep the water in the rivers are holding up. As with any crisis, we’ve seen chaos give way to order; panic give way to calm; indecision give way to resolution; and despair give way to hope. The main hope is that NWS predictions hold and the levees do to.
The FLOOD FIGHT on the Illinois River continues in Scott and Pike counties to build levee height to combat high water that will begin cresting on Thursday and Friday. It will be a slow moving crest with water levels not expected to lower until well into this weekend. It is now snowing in the Two Rivers area. Rain accumulations yesterday were less than an inch but it was enough to make levee and sandbag work miserable—more miserable than usual. Skies are forecast to clear and warmer temperatures will return today.________________________________________
SANDBAGGERS NEEDED: In SCOTT COUNTY at the Bloomfield operation on Route 100 2.5-miles south of the I-72 Bluffs exit and turn east at Bloomfield Road. In PIKE COUNTY at the Danny Myers farm at the junction of County Roads 5 and 21 about 5-miles east of Perry (turn east off of IL 107 at the Arends-Awe John Deere dealership) on CR 5 or turn south on CR 21 off of IL 104 at Chambersburg.
BIG SWAN district in Scott County is completing construction saw crews working north and south of the Florence Bridge at IL 100/106. The Florence Bridge remains open at this time but police will be stationed at the bridge for traffic control as work continues. Volunteers are building the fence and placing of plastic and sandbags. Levee workers are needed and can check in at the Bloomfield site.

SCOTT COUNTY district has about 15-miles of river and creek levees. When you cross the Illinois River on I-72, you are in the Scott County Drainage District. They are in dire need of levee workers and sandbaggers. Check in with Randy Dolen at the Bloomfield site.

MAUVESTERRE district which includes the Village of Naples have completed efforts to build up low spots in the system including road and railroad crossings. They are in a 24-hour monitoring mode now. Levee workers are still needed and can check in at the Bloomfield site.

VALLEY CITY district across from Naples on the Pike County side of the Illinois River continues to build up their levee. Levee officials expect to complete initial build up of the levee today. Work will continue on patrolling and maintaining critical areas on the levee. Levee workers and sandbaggers are needed. Volunteers should report to the Danny Myers farm.

MCGEE CREEK district across from Meredosia in Pike County continues monitoring and patrolling its levees. There are no significant concerns at this time.
The Mississippi River continues to recede at all stations throughout Pike County. SNY ISLAND district folk continue monitoring and patrolling of river levees continues as the river remains in flood stage and up against the river and creek levees. High water is expected through next couple of weeks. As high water continues to push on the levees, seepage and sand boils will need to be monitored and maintained. ________________________________________
The FARM BUREAU FAMILY at work. If you go down to the rivers, you can’t miss the full effect of the Farm Bureau family of companies helping out. Two Rivers FS and Lincoln Land FS staff and equipment are working to keep the rivers in their banks. It’s a given that COUNTRY agents and staff are helping on the levees or cooking up a hot meal for levee workers. The Pike and Scott County Farm Bureaus are applying their resources and contacts to keep our members’ fields and homes dry.

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